Train like a kid step 9

Train Like A Kid
Step 9: Idolization and inspiration

By Douglas Pieterse, Co-Founder & Head Personal Trainer
"It may be simple but not always easy"
Step 9
Social media nowadays is not only a platform for sharing and entertainment, it also offers an ideal image of what life ought to be like. This aspect of social media affects our children similar to the way it affects us, while children often lack the ability to see past idealistic images. If you ask a young boy if there is a public figure he idolizes, the answer usually ranges from John Cena to Cristiano Ronaldo, the two staples in discussion about athletic performance. Aside from his victory over Mark Henry in arm-wrestling, John Cena is also a race car driver, capable of building a rocket, and subdued a great white shark. On the other hand, not only is Cristiano Ronaldo a remarkable soccer player who has been crowned the world’s best player multiple times, he has also been involved in numerous philanthropic projects through generous donations and marketable public image. While they are often idolized by young boys, it seems that the younger generation values their physical attributes rather than personal attributes.

It’s Sunday morning, you get up, half-awake you make your way to the bathroom for your “morning watering ritual”. You look down and instead of seeing what you’re doing, you only see your two feet poking right past your round belly. You think to yourself, it’s time for a change, you know it, I know it and I’m sure anyone you ask along the way would probably agree. But knowing what exactly to get started with and finding motivation to workout seems so daunting. With the abundance of media messages and options that all promise to deliver results to everyone else’s body but yours.

Creating your own inspiration

People often have a framework of the qualities they aspire to have whether they know it or not. It does not matter whether their role models possess all those attributes, because people are more inclined to conform the person within a framework of attributes rather than look at the individual qualities of that person. In a way, these role models are merely a face to put on a list of inspirational qualities.

In what ways can we utilize this behavior to our advantage? We can seek inspiration from our role models who are relatable to us personally, chose the qualities that inspire us, and modify the qualities that might not work for us. By doing this, our “role models” are fully customizable to our own individual goals and needs. It is note worthy to remember that not all qualities can be or should be modified. For instance, if your goal is to get fit, and you replace the morning protein shake with a McDonald meal, you might be going against your own goal. This method allows you to simply use people on social media merely as an entity for you to slap on attributes that inspire you personally without the stress and pressure to be like someone else.

Taking the next step

It would be foolish to idolize the life of your model versus their personal attributes, we are all individuals with our own strength and weaknesses, we will never just become another person simply because we follow their habits. Look for inspiration from different people as sources of qualities, and start considering how you can push yourself to become the person who possesses all these desirable qualities. Let yourself be inspired and have fun with it, and hopefully you will become not only your own hero, but a figure of inspiration to others as well.

Train like a kid step 9
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