Date: June 1st, June 8th, June 15th

Fee: $1000 for all 3 sessions!

Time: 11am - 12.30pm

Location: R3 Personal Training


The R3 Powerlifting Workshop is designed to help you find the perfect technique to get your lifts up to the next level! This workshop includes the theory of the big 3, practical application, choosing the right assistance exercises to help boost your lifts, and program advice to help optimize your results!

Our classes will be taught by our very own, Coach Marco, the HK Powerlifting Champion and the HK Powerlifting Record Holder.


Our workshop covers:

June 1st - Squat
June 8th - Bench Press
June 15th - Deadlift

Classes start at 11am and are 1.5 hours per session. $1000 only in total for all 3 sessions! 6 people max. So sign up now!


Ready to register?

Contact by phone: +[852] 9701-6810

About R3 Personal Training

R3 Personal Training is a premium fitness studio in the heart of Central, Hong Kong that redefines the “Personal” in your Personal Training experience to deliver real, relevant results. We create a comprehensive, customized program for fitness training, nutrition, lifestyle and supplements – based on your objectives and personal fitness assessment.

Terms and Conditions

- Events will be cancelled in case of T8 or black rain is hoisted in advance. We will offer full reimbursement or credit if the event is cancelled prior to the event day. No compensation will be given if hoisted during the event.

- R3 or X-Life Enhancements Ltd or its associated trainers do not bear any responsibility or liability for the health or safety of participants; no liability for the use of equipment used beyond manufacturers liabilities; no liabilities for installations/premises/foods/drinks used or consumed during the workshop.

- No Refund or credit will be given for no show.

- The workshop will start on time so please ensure your arrival 15 mins before the event start time.

- Photos/footage taken by R3 is open for use in a reasonable way in R3’s online media.
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the health and safety of any participants. Waiver must be signed prior to event.