Oct 13th-14th 2018, Saturday & Sunday


An experienced based overnight adventure camp where the kids get to enjoy some freedom to explore the beauty and variety of Hong Kong outdoors, with campfires, hiking, rivers, beaches and anything else that may cross their path. The kids will be the leaders of their own adventure (with some guided games if they wish to join in) to give them an opportunity to be a little wilder without the limitations of city life. Tents and equipment must be set-up and maintained on your own (of course there we will be there to assist if needed), and the campfires tended by you as well. The entire experience is designed to be a relaxed parent/kid-bonding and socializing opportunity. This is not "glam-ping”! Two adult R3-Staff (and their kids) will be with you for support.



  • 9am Meeting point at Sai Kung Pier
  • 9.15am Boat transfer (approx. 45 mins) from Sai Kung Pier to Tai Long Wan (no hike necessary)
  • After arrival
  • Pick the campsite at the beach
  • Setting up Base Camp
  • Firewood collection
  • Beach games
  • Hike (easy)
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Campfires
  • Boat transfer on Sunday (approx. 45 mins) from Tai Long Wan back to Sai Kung pier (approx arrival 3.45-4pm)


Event Details

Date: Oct 13th-14th 2018, Saturday & Sunday

Time: 9am Saturday - 4pm Sunday

Participants: Parent(s) with kid(s) aged 4-9

Location: Tai Long Wan Beach Campsite, Sai Kung Country Park

Language: English

Fee: HK$ 1300 per participant


  • Planning & organization of 2-day agenda
  • Packing list (proven and light)
  • Organization of transport to campsite from Sai Kung pier and back (by boat) => extra costs
  • Kids’ Adventure pack (waterproof bag, face paint, compass, magnifying glass, whistle, torch, etc.): 1 per child
  • Guided activities at the campsite
  • Basic First Aid Kit for the camp
  • Basic toys for beach games (no inflatables or similar)
  • Elementary guidance throughout the event
  • We will be trying to take as many good professional photos as possible (available to purchase individually after the event)
Not Included:
  • Camping or other equipment
  • Basic necessities
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Boat transport cost (approx HK$ 200 per person per trip; likely to be cheaper depending on number of participants)
  • Handholding

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the health and safety of any participants. Waiver must be signed prior to event. 



For more information, please contact +[852] 6623 7510 or Email us.

Terms and Conditions

- Pre-booking and full pre-payment mandatory 7 days in advance

- Camping Adventure or Adventure Day Outing will be cancelled in case of T3 or amber rain (or worse) is hoisted in advance. We will offer full reimbursement or credit for the event is cancelled ahead of departure. No compensation will be given if hoisted during the event.

- R3 or X-Life Enhancements Ltd or its associated trainers do not bear any responsibility or liability for the health or safety of participants; parents are required to sign waivers in advance; no liability for the use of equipment used beyond manufacturers liabilities; no liabilities for installations/premises/foods/drinks used or consumed during the events.

- No drop-off for Camping Adventure or Adventure Day Outing, only adult family members accepted as accompanying caretaker.

- No Refund or credit will be given for no show.

- Events will start on time. Delayed arrival or early leave (where possible) are on own risk and full payment is required.

- All events at own risk. No lifeguards on duty. No lifesaving equipment supplied. No CPR equipment or first aid trained staff on site. Only one basic first aid kit provided.

- Photos/footage taken by R3 is open for use in a reasonable way in R3’s online media.

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