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Rex Tan


Rex Tan - Associate Executive Group District Director

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+65 9027 0155
Throughout the 14 years Rex Tan has been in the real estate industry, he has worked doggedly to carve out a career for himself. As a result of his hard work, Tan has been promoted to chairman, Agency Development Committee, and deputy chairman, Agency Executive Committee, and he will be managing property agents at real estate firm Huttons Asia, a 3,000-strong company.


IN NOV 2002

Huttons is a home grown real estate company providing a full spectrum of real estate services

Corporate Information

About Huttons Group

Established since 2002, Huttons Group is a leading real estate agency in Singapore. We are winners of numerous awards for innovative technologies and industry first initiatives over the years.

In association with Savills, we have more than 3,000 professionals marketing hundreds of local and international projects over 8 countries.

As The Preferred Agency of Choice, we strive to provide the highest level of service to clients through vast knowledge across different market segments and empathy. Growing from strength to strength, Huttons is also expanding rapidly and extending our reach abroad, making it a seamless experience for our clients to buy and sell properties globally.

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To be the Preferred Agency of Choice


To excel in Recruitment & Retention program, IT, Training & Sales skills, Customer Focus & Result Oriented


Integrity, Diligent, Teamwork, Customer-Centric


Aparna Sanga

I am writing to give feedback and to compliment Ms. Susan Ng from your organisation for her excellent service extended to us. We thank her for helping us find a rental unit of our liking in December 2018.​

She is very responsive, understanding and a balanced professional to deal with. She goes beyond her duties to help and support as a human being and a friend in order to make the transition into to a new house very smooth. ​

Quick to liaise with, she connects with her counterpart / landlord for resolving issues in a fair, supportive manner. ​

I highly recommend her for her services and wish her all the success in future. We look forward to a long term mutual relationship.​


I would like to appreciate the Great Services of Mr.Eddie-R047080I and Mr. Vidyaraj - R006462B to finalise a house at 18 Woodsville Singapore 357799 for rental.

The Great service I meant is their Polite smile and punctual behaviour made me very Happy. They too care of personally and did whatever facilities we wanted. Anytime attentive.

They are your Great Asset. "HATS OFF TO THEIR BEST SERVICES TO US"

Dr. David E. Miller

I had occasion to meet one Raymond Chong, Real Eatate Agent, who was representing the landlord of a property that my wife and I were interested in renting in the Hillview area. Raymond showed us every courtesy and was unflaggingly cheerful at all times, even when things became tedious or complicated. I appreciate this about him. His professionalism was always evident in his patience, good humour and creative, problem solving approach to dealing with the inevitable twists and turns and bumps in the road one encounters when working in this capacity. I would recommend him without reservation and use him again were there an opportunity. I particularly appreciate his helpful recommendations on utilities usage, which will wind up saving me a substantial sum over the course of the lease.

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