Oct 16th, 2018, Tuesday


The new school year has just begun and the kids are experiencing many new things. New friends, new teachers and new environment. Although we can’t be there with them every minute of every day to make sure they are safe, we can help equip them to understand what bullying is and how to deal with the situation, should it arise. Strengthening their mental and physical confidence (using both yoga and self-defense techniques), helping them cope, knowing their options as well as being able to have the confidence to “fight back” in the proper manner. Helping them understand and recognize different forms of bullying will further equip them with helpful insight and the right communication approach to be able to deal with tough situations and if necessary, reach out to get the help they need.


Our 4-hour workshop covers

  • What is bullying? (verbal/physical/cyber)
  • Strategies on handling verbal bullying
  • How to get out of physical encounters (self-defense practice and strategies)
  • Building a community of like-minded children that understand and empathize with those who are in need (team-building)
  • Mindfulness and relaxation (Yoga)


Event Details

Date: Oct 16th, 2018, Tuesday

Time: 1.30 - 5.30 pm (4 hrs)

Capacity: 15 kids

Age Group: Kids aged 6-9

Location: Espada BJJ Studio, 2nd Floor, Unit A & B, Kin On Commercial Building, 49-51 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan

Language: English

Fee: HK$ 950 per child

  • Coaching and supervision by experienced Coaches & Trainers with martial arts qualification
  • Yoga exercises supervised by qualified Yoga Instructor
  • 1 small healthy snack

What YOUR child needs to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Sports shoes
  • Clothing for Exercise
  • Good attitude


For more information, please contact +[852] 6623 7510 or Email us.

Terms and Conditions

- Pre-booking and full pre-payment mandatory 7 days in advance

- Events will be cancelled in case of T8 or black rain is hoisted in advance. We will offer full reimbursement or credit if the event is cancelled prior to the event day. No compensation will be given if hoisted during the event.

- R3 or X-Life Enhancements Ltd or its associated trainers do not bear any responsibility or liability for the health or safety of participants; parents are required to sign waivers in advance; no liability for the use of equipment used beyond manufacturers liabilities; no liabilities for installations/premises/foods/drinks used or consumed during the events.

- No Refund or credit will be given for no show.

- Events will start on time so please ensure your arrival 15 mins before event start time.

- Photos/footage taken by R3 is open for use in a reasonable way in R3’s online media.

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